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The Dream Team
Rein Lemberpuu CEO / Founder
Rene Prillop Developer
Reimo Daum Developer
Guerric De Ternay Marketing
David Plath Marketing
Vambola Moldov Designer
Margus Alviste Marketing
Priit Karu Developer
Mihkel Trei Designer
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Story of Contriber

The story of Contriber starts with the companyā€™s founder and CEO, Rein Lemberpuu. Reinā€™s passion for team building and years of experience in the software sector led to the development of Contriber. The application itself is designed to meet the challenges inherent to a burgeoning decentralized and globalized workforceā€“communication and information management. This is accomplished, in part, by giving teams and third-party persons the capability to interact inside ā€˜virtualā€™ meeting rooms contained within visually exciting and customizable online workspaces.

But our main uniqueness is still the human psychology. We are working on processes that allow teams to not only handle conflicts better, but innovate and brainstorm more effectively as well. We feel a means to achieving this is through engaging team members’ intuitive capabilities. There is a need for goal setting that aligns everyone in the same direction.

Marketing marketing@contriber.com
41 North Street
NY 13027
Research & Developement dev@contriber.com
Raekoja plats 16
Estonia 51004
jobs@contriber.com support@contriber.com
A happier and more productive team
Be the leader that your team needs. Inspire them by providing the tools that they love. Contriber’s video-game like interface makes collaboration software fun and easy to use. With the right tools, work does not feel like work anymore.
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